For more than 70 years A.O Smith has been pioneering in the hot water solutions. The company has brought some of the most effective innovations for the consumer that constitute superior technology and are yet affordable. They use good heating elements and have upgraded their machines to incorporate some of the best safety features. You can even match the water heater panel to suit the colour of your bathroom.

The AO Smith HSE – SAS is a BEE 5-star rated appliance that saves energy and provides instant hot water. This electric storage device comes with convenient temperature settings and a Blue Diamond coated tank. The colour panels are changeable and the machine even has longer warranties.

Buy AO Smith water heater, which comes in at least two colours, standard white and ivory. You even have a choice of panel colour at a small additional price.

Some of the key features of the appliance are:

The Anode Rod: The tank is consistently protected from corrosive elements with the help of a stainless steel core anode rod. A special cathodic action is used by the rod to prolong the life of the water heater that fights these harmful elements.

Temperature Control Knob: The water heater also comes with a temperature control knob that provides precise temperature settings between 25⁰C to 75⁰C.

Thermal Cut-out: The thermal cut-out shuts the power supply when the temperature exceeds the topmost preset level to ensure safety.

Buy AO SMITH HSE-SAS-015 15 LTR Water Heater that also comes designed with a safety valve. The pressure is relieved automatically when it overshoots its preset limits.

The AO Smith SAS is a 15 litres device that uses only 2000 watts of power. This advanced technology device provides maximum protection against corrosion and hard water. Which means, the average consumer does not have to worry about frequent wear and tear of the machine.

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