Bajaj TC2007 (Tall Cooler) 34 LTS Air Cooler

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Peak summer is here and staying cool is extremely important. Air conditioners and air Coolers are usually in great demand during the season, but with inflation on power and appliance, everyone is looking for budgeted comfort options.

Beat the heat with the Bajaj TC2007 Tall 34 Ltrs Air Cooler.

One of the biggest advantages of air coolers – is its affordability. Fairly cheaper than the air conditioner, the air cooler uses water rather than costly refrigerants such as HCFC and CFC. This also makes them extremely eco-friendly.

Users can comfortably buy Bajaj Air Coolers online at Best Prices in India at the lowest investment rates.

Considered as the most energy efficient option, the power consumed by the air cooler is much less when compared to air conditioners. Annual energy savings are rather significant with lower usage costs as well.

Air coolers can be placed anywhere because they are portable, unlike the air conditioner. Put them in another room where you would like to entertain your guests, friends, and family or simply get some personalised cool-air time for yourself.

Fresh outside air is used by the appliance that is cooled and then directed inside the room whereas the air conditioner recycles the same air present within a room with no fresh air circulation.

The Bajaj TC2007 Tall 34 Ltrs Air Cooler is highly recommended due to its compatibility with home inverters. Besides, it also comes with the 4-way air deflection technology that provides even air coverage and powerful supply.

People are averse to air coolers especially due to their noise levels. But the Bajaj TC2007 tackles that as well. It provides users with a noiseless and quiet performance offering you a cool night and a sound sleep.

Ultra-fast cooling can be obtained with the help of the Chill Trap technology that captures cold air within the cooler itself.

Set the temperature according to your preference with the 3-way speed control.

Finally, experience easy mobility with Caster Wheels that ensure portability and flexibility of the appliance.

Place it indoors or outdoors and still enjoy cool air in the most energy-efficient way. Get the Bajaj TC2007 air cooler does not require power-drawing components such as refrigerants and compressors.

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