The Blue Star L – Series 3 Star is the best price air conditioner in India. The appliance provides exceptional cooling and with its 7 advanced filters lets you breath fresh air through its vents. It also has a 5-year warranty on the compressor.

Armed with Blue Star’s latest iFeel technology, the 3HW12LBTU 1 ton split air conditioner is designed to provide the user with ultimate comfort. While most of the other air conditioners come with only one sensor, Blue Star’s unit consists of two, one on the remote handset and the other on the appliance.

A single sensor in a traditional air conditioner can lead to a lot of discomfort because temperature detection is usually around the room and does not necessarily involve the area near the user. Therefore, even if the temperature drops to a comfortable level, the user unable to feel it. This is where iFeel provides superior services. Especially if you are in a large room with a lot of space, place the remote next to you and the sensor will pick up higher temperatures around you to provide the most desired cooling. With the push of a single button the feature activates the required temperature adjustment.

Apart from the new iFeel, the air conditioner comes with the Blow Clean mode, which acts as an indoor blower. The accessory essentially prevents the accumulation of dust and mold on the coil and inhibits the growth of bacteria, which can damage it. Even after the air conditioner is off, the blower runs for a few minutes rendering the coil dry.

The intelligent Comfort Sleep feature makes sure that you have a sound sleep throughout the night. When the user particularly sets a temperature before sleeping, the reading rises for a while before falling back to the user-set values. That way when the outside temperature falls at night, the user is still comfortable and doesn’t feel too cold. This also happens to save a lot of energy.

Besides the above, the split AC also encompasses a metal enclosure covering the PCB board to prevent the electrical components from overheating. The appliance also comes with a Copper Condenser and anti-corrosive fins to increase the life of the AC.Hide the display panel at night so that the large bright light does not disturb your sleep. Blue Star has further equipped the AC with a Self-Diagnosis attribute that displays an error code when there is a flaw.

    The 7 filters fitted in the AC are:

  • Active Carbon Filter

  • Anti-bacterial Filter

  • Vitamin C Filter

  • Catechin Filter

  • Silver Ion Filter

  • Dust Filter

  • Anti-Acarien Filter

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