Bosch 6 kg WMWAB16061IN Front Load Washing Machine

Buy Bosch 6 kg WMWAB16061IN Front Load Washing Machine online in India.

Beginning from the humble backyard of Stuttgart-West in 1886, today Bosch is the leading producer of not just household appliances but a variety of mobility solutions, industrial, building and energy technology.

RPM stands for Revolutions Per Minute. This is also the number of times the drum of a washing machine rotates in just one minute. The higher the RPM, the less time required to dry the clothes.

The Bosch 6Kg WMWAB16061IN Front Load Washing Machine applies 800 RPMs to provide users with the best laundry ever.

Bosch 6Kg 800 rpm

The 6kg 800 rpm Bosch washing machine is a front load appliance that is both budget-friendly and environment-friendly. Providing users with a hassle-free performance, the device comes with several other features that can further economize the consumer’s washing expenses.

Soak and quicken: Containing soaking options, the device is programmed to provide you with quicker washes when required. Use the Prewash option to soak your laundry before you actually wash it. This helps in effective stain, dirt and grime removal. To speed up your wash times, use the ‘Quick’ button on the machine. Washing gets at least 65% faster than usual.

If you wish to save on water and improve the performance of the machine, then use the 3D AquaSpa selection that even soaks the laundry during the washing process.

For additional cost savings, the machine is equipped with the ActiveWater Technology that is unique only to Bosch appliances. This actually reduces the amount of water used for a particular wash. Especially, ActiveWater is a clever piece of technology that offers washing flexibility to the smallest load of clothes. While gauging just the right amount of water required for a particular wash, it reduces the usage of water thus saving both on electricity as well as crucial water usage.

Furthermore, the technology even cleanses the drum scrupulously, of any residual detergent by triggering a flow of hot water. This way, the life of the machine is enhanced while the bacteria formed inside the drum is completely eliminated.

Mildly soiled laundry that does not require too much cleaning, can be washed in just 30 minutes with the help of the Super Quick 30 option.

There are also some special programmes inbuilt into the machine as well, like (to name a few):
• Hygiene
• Kids Wear
• Drum Clean
• Delicate / Silk
• Wool
• Synthetics
• Daily Wash

With an anti-vibration design, this front load washing machine comes with other attributes such as VarioDrum, Multiple Water Protection, removal of excessive foam with the help of a Foam Detection System, Inlay Display and much more.

Get the Bosch 6 kg wmwab16061in front load washing machine, the lowest price washing machine online in India.

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