Buy Havells Puro 10-litre storage water heater equipped with Feroglas technology and a long-lasting heating element.

The right water heater can make your morning shower extremely pleasant. This drum-filled mechanism is an important addition to the Indian’s daily routine with its ability to immediately provide users with heated water. An inbuilt thermostat controls the water’s heat within the tank. Typically, the temperature of the water heater is anywhere between 49 and 82 degrees Celsius. Efficient for household use, Havells Puro provides individuals with the right kind of heating. The water is just hot enough without posing a risk of scalding.

Buy Havells 10L puro water heater that comes with some wonderful features.

As one of the most advanced water heaters ever innovated, Havells Puro is built with the anti-corrosive Feroglas technology where the inner container endures hard water giving years of trouble-free hot water service. Consequently made of ultra-thick super cold rolled steel plates, the appliance attains a longer life than most of the other standard inner tank designs. Besides, it comes with tolerance to high-pressure ratings of up to 8 bars.

Additionally, the device also encompasses the Incoloy Glass Coated Heating Element to protect it against oxidation and carbonization that particularly occurs at high temperatures. Extending the lifespan of the heating elements with minimal energy loss, the appliance prepares for corrosion resistance at all levels. It comes in-built with a high-precision digital thermostat that cuts out to ensure optimum water temperature and safety.

Furthermore, heat loss is prevented with the help of a CFC free high-density PUF Insulation. Another, integrated and intuitive Shock-Safe Plug is especially in-built to prevent electric shocks. This actually cuts the power off, in case of current leakage.

An adjustable knob helps in setting the temperature while the Whirlflow Technology avoids direct cold and hot water flows contacts to hasten heating. This also results in optimised energy savings with around 20% more of hot water output.

To protect the tank against internal and external pressure build-up, the company has placed a multifunction safety valve in addition to the anode rod rust and corrosion resistive heavy duty magnesium anode rod with steel core. These safeguard the enamelled tank from rust and corrosion.

The ergonomically and aesthetically designed Havells Puro incorporates a 7-year warranty against its inner tank with additional assurances of 4 years on the heating element and 2 years of comprehensive warranty.

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