LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star JSNQ18PUXA Inverter AC

LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star JSNQ18PUXA Inverter AC

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Incorporating one of the most advanced inverter technologies in the country, the LG 1.5 ton Star Inverter air conditioner comes with a dual compressor that lets the AC function seamlessly for prolonged periods of time. This 3-star Energy rated appliance also comes with several other characteristics such as the Himalaya cool and monsoon comfort. Experience the power of a stabilizer-free operation and an on / off timer, which does not require you to wake up to put the air conditioner On or Off.

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LG’s Dual Inverter Compressor comes with a 10-year warranty and resolves all issues pertaining to cooling and comfort. The device is noiseless, cools faster and even runs longer than other appliances. Equipped with a strong compressor, users can enjoy the returns on their investments across several years to come.

The Himalaya Cool Technology is unique to the LG Air Conditioner. It ensures immediate cooling the moment you switch the appliance on, due to direct airflows at high speeds. You will feel as cool and comfortable as it is on the Himalayan ranges. The remote also comes with a dedicated one-touch button to control the feature.

High humidity means hotter temperatures, feeling damp and tepid. This kind of atmosphere can be extremely discomforting and can even lead to diseases in many cases. Experience LG’s Monsoon Comfort, which bestows the right kind of cooling even during rainfall. It dehumidifies the environment and yet prevents overcooling. At this time, you can even experience energy savings of around 36%.

Mould and bacteria are prevented with the help of the Auto Clean feature and the On/Off timer ensures that you get a good undisturbed night’s sleep. Set the time when you wish to switch Off or even switch On the AC.

The system adjusts the room temperature to match your body’s metabolism rate. This is primarily accomplished through the appliance’s Sleep Mode feature that is driven by LG’s unique microprocessor. Additionally, protect the vital components of your appliance from power surges as it conveniently operates within the range of 145 to 290 Volts.

In approximately a year, users can recover their ROIs on this new-age LG Air Conditioning appliance equipped with Dual Inverter Technology. Buy Air Conditioners Online at Best Prices India.

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