Lg FF GL-Q292SHAM Refrigerator

LG frost free GL-Q292 – best price refrigerator in online – is here!

This frost-free double door fridge comes with a capacity of 260 litres and has a 3-star energy rating. With a premium finish, this Hazel-coloured fridge comes with a myriad of features. The freezer has detachable double-twist trays, an ice bank and an additional freezer shelf. It also accommodates a deodoriser to keep the refrigerator smelling fresh under all circumstances.

Some of the best features include:

    • A door alarm that goes off when the fridge door is open for more than one minute.

    • The egg cum ice tray that serves both the purposes – to store eggs as well as make the ice.

    • The Cell Fresh Crisper keeps the vegetables fresh – it prevents them from rotting by retaining the moisture within them.

    • A humidity controller helps in controlling the humidity inside the vegetable box.

The defrosting mechanism of the freezer is automatic and the defrosted water flows away from behind the refrigerator through the evaporating tray that is provided for the purpose. The Super Cooling feature is the coldest compartment setting in the Refrigerator Knob and an Ice Bank is provided to store ice in it. Unbreakable and patented bright LED lamps are provided within the refrigerator. Additionally, the fridge provides stabiliser-free operations and the interior aesthetics are made up of toughened glass. It also comes with the Smart Connect and Smart Diagnosis System.

Smart Diagnosis System:

The Smart Diagnosis System, when activated, detects problems with the refrigerator and transmits data to the call centre. This simplified service allows you to rectify any faults that you may have immediately without waiting for the arrival of an engineer.

Smart Connect:
Some features of the Smart Connect are:

      • The home inverter is enough to run it.

      • During a power cut, it consumes less than 2 CFL bulbs.

      • The refrigerator is designed to run constantly with the help of the Smart Connect.

      • Food is fresh even during power outages.

Carbon emissions of the LG GL-Q292SHAM refrigerators are absolutely minimal and it consumes far less power than most of its peers. The filter mesh along with the anti-bacterial coating eliminates harmful bacteria and dust particles that settle in the air. The deodoriser’s activity removes the foul odour keeping the interiors smelling fresh.

The toughened glass shelf is equipped to hold at 175 kg of weight.

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