Preethi LAVENDER PRO mixer grinder

Preethi Grinders are a very popular brand in the southern part of India. It is considered as the no.1 brand in South India amongst mixer-grinders. It has several widely selling products and is trusted by many homemakers and working population alike. Preethi’s mixer jars are made of 100% steel.

The brand caters to the office-going population by providing all-in-one blenders so that grinding tasks are easier. It can whip, dry grind, wet grind and even extract juices. Always concentrating on convenience, preethi’s grinding jars come with a powerful and long-lasting motor for strain-free grinding. Equipped to powder the toughest of substances, including turmeric, it eases cooking needs and enhances the speed and efficiency in the kitchen. You can also accomplish small-quantity grinding such as chutneys, ginger-garlic pastes, etc. easily.

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Here are some of the salient features of the Preethi Lavender Pro Mixer Grinder:

  • The Preethi Lavender Pro Mixer Grinder comes with a 600-watt motor that supports 10,500 RPM of the load condition meant for fine grinding. The appliance uses machine ground, polished blades for quick grinding capabilities.

  • The advanced turbo vent technology is a ventilation system that keeps the device’s body cool and prevents overheating. Besides prolonging the life of the motor, the taste of the food and quality of the ingredients is also retained for healthy cooking.

  • Perform complete extraction of juices, tamarind essence and coconut milk with the help of the Super Extractor that can fill up to about 3 glasses of juice and removes the pulp away easily.

  • The jars are made of 100% steel and come with flow breakers that can perform fine grinding. The handles are designed ergonomically, come with a chrome plating and are very sturdy.

  • With a shock-proof ABS body, the grinder is also equipped with a heat-sensitive cut off that protects the appliance against overload and voltage fluctuations.

  • Besides all of the above, a high-performance motor with ball bearing is installed in the appliance for efficient grinding and blending.

  • For the past 33 years, Preethi remains a trusted manufacturer of mixer grinders and one of the top brands in India. The brand name is always viewed in conjunction with durability and quality.

Buy mixer grinder at low price from Preethi. It is easy to use, well-finished and accomplishes cooking tasks in a jiffy. With a stylish body, the grinder can adorn your kitchen and even boast of a good functionality. Enjoy a two-year guarantee of the product along with free after-sales service lifelong.

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