The Samsung WA62M4300HP the best washing machine online. Buy this lowest price washing machine online India.

The Samsung KG WA62M4300HP is a top load washing machine that is fully automatic and uses the Wobble Pulsator technology for washing. With a maximum spin speed of about 680 rpm, this silver-coloured washing appliance completes washing cycles quickly and yet is gentle on the clothes. The 6.2 kg machine uses only 330 W in power to wash your clothes efficiently. Requiring only 230V and 50 Hz to function, the washing machine is equipped with a sturdy stainless steel tub that offers rust-free operation.

There is a transparent window display on top of the machine from where you can monitor the movement and cleaning process of the clothes. The digital display is a convenience feature from where you can perform all your washing operations smoothly. Since the washing appliance has a capacity of 6.2 kg you can wash almost a week’s clothes at a single time.

The machine also holds additional features such as Child Lock, Shock Proof, and Dryer. If you have kids around, the ‘Child Lock’ will prevent them turning the appliance on accidentally. When the feature is active, an alert is emitted when a child actually tries to put it on. Wet surroundings are common around washing machines since we tend to place those in washing areas. The ‘Shock Proof’ feature ensures that the machine performs efficiently even when the surroundings are wet. Use Samsung’s in-built Pre-wash programs to get the best wash possible.

The other attributes of the machine are its ‘Magic Filter’ that traps dirt effectively. It is positioned in such a way that even low water-level clothes are cleaned properly. With the Wobble technology, a dynamic wash flow id generated that prevents the clothes from tangling. Basically, the machine comes with six cycles but there are additional cycles that you can perform as well such as Normal, Quick Wash, and Soak+Normal. The Eco Tub Clean option cleanses the tub of any dirt, mold, and bacteria that is potentially harmful to health.

This lowest washing machine online India is one of the best options for your clothes’ washing process.

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