SONY DAV-DZ350 Home Theatre System

The Sony DAV-DZ350 is a powerful home theatre system that comes with a digital amplifier, Bluetooth capabilities, and wireless streaming. Besides these, it comes with other features to provide users with packaged entertainment at its best.

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Weighing just about 2.7 kg, and measuring around 430 x 54 x 306 mm, the Sony DAV-DZ350 comes with surround speakers and a subwoofer. Generally, the appliance exhibits appeal and is built with a FORM FACTOR of 5.1, the system is also able to act as a radio with preset stations and AM/FM Band receptivity. The device is also equipped with a 1080p Upscaler to efficiently convert video signals from lower resolutions such as the standard 480p to the higher 1080p high definition.

In the box
Within the box, users will receive an instruction manual, a high-end RM-ADU162 remote control, a 3P CN FM Antenna, composite cable, and batteries.

Control all other Bravia Sync-compatible equipment with the help of a single remote. The Bravia Sync uses the HDMI CEC or Consumer Electronics Control technology that facilitate control of other home theatre systems or Blu-ray Disc players. Once the communication between devices is established it is extremely convenient to navigate through the menus, turning off or turning on the device, control playback operations, and adjust volume settings of the appliance.

The Auto Scan Tuning feature
One of the best features of the Bravia, the appliance tunes digital channels automatically. You can conduct normal or full searches for the channels available within the country.

S-Master digital amplifier: true sonic purity
With the S-Master digital amplifier users can enjoy the best of digital audio. The S-Master amplifier reproduces digital audio signals using a simplified full digital signal path, and without the multiple analogue stages required by conventional amplifiers. There is significantly less distortion occurring due to heat build-up.

Wireless streaming with Bluetooth
Use the Bluetooth to wirelessly stream your favourite tracks and apps. Additionally, you can also enjoy your music, control playlists and adjust volume from your handheld device by pairing the system with your smartphone or tablet.

Notable features
The other noteworthy attributes of the system are:

• Dolby Digital for immersive surround sound
• Karaoke to let you sing along
• Dolby Pro Logic to convert all stereo to surround sound
• Single HDMI for easy sharing and viewing
• UBS plug and playback

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