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    Vasanth & Co has been in the news all the time for creating new records in sales and marketing, and also for breaking its own record to reach newer heights time and again. Vasanth & Co houses all globally reputed brands of Home Appliances & Consumer Durable A to Z – both in high and low end categories – all under one roof. 'You name any model under any brand and you will find it is there on display at Vasanth & Co showrooms. You buy it and you will find it in operation at home in less than 10 hours" is what vasanth & Co can boast of. The product range includes LED TVs, LCD TVs, Projection TVs, Plasma TVs, Televisions, Handycams, Digital Cameras, Audio Video Systems, DVD Players; Refrigerators, Side- by-side Refrigerators, Air conditioners, Air Coolers, Laptops, Computers, Mobile Phones, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens, Vacuum Cleaners, Water Heaters, Steel Cupboards, Voltage stabilizers, Fans, Irons, Emergency lamps, Cordless Phones, Dryers.

Beauty care products, and a host of kitchenware items such as Mixies, Table top grinders, Juice extractors, Hand blenders, Food Processors, Cookers, Coffee Makers, Milk Boilers, Egg boilers, Toasters, Kettles, Dishwashers, Water purifiers, Gas stoves, Built-in-ovens, Gas hobs and Electric chimneys. What makes Vasanth & Co the preferred destination for the end users? First and foremost is the customer goodwill built over 4 decades in retailing. The direct benefit a customer enjoys at the point of sale is the lowest price'. Yet another important reason for the end users patronizing Vasanth & Co is the Hire Purchase option to suit everyone's needs. 'NO' processing fee, 'NO' down payment and 'NO' interest have acceptance of customers from all walks of life. Another unique scheme in operation at Vasanth & Co which the end user considers a great shopping advantage is that the product can be billed and paid for at one location and delivery availed from another Vasanth & co location anywhere in Tamil Nadu. These result in saving freight charge and also protecting the product from transit risks. Lowest Price apart, the other governing principles of Vasanth & Co are sale of quality and standard products; prompt delivery, installation and demonstration; after-sales-service; prompt handling of customer complaints and Consumer education. Bulk off-take of products enables procurement at best bargain price, the advantage of which is passed on to the customer. And the customers get the best price at Vasanth & Co.

Vasanth & Co. views customer service and solving customer complaints as effective ways to build and maintain customer base, establish customer rapport and to generate future sales through repeat purchases & positive word-of-mouth references. Acting as a vital bridge between customers and manufacturers, Vasanth & Co strives to resolve customer problems immediately to avoid frustrating wait for them. Our prompt handling of customer complaints has, in fact, built up customer confidence in us more especially when customers are vulnerable to competition. Most loyal customers of vasanth & Co are not those who have not had a complaint in the product it sold them, but customers whose complaints were resolved instantaneously and satisfactorily. To resolve customer complaints, dedicated help-lines are at work round the clock. Customers who purchased black & white TV sets from Vasanth & Co. way back in 1978- that was the time television came to the Southern part of India - still continue to be Vasanth & Co. customers for LEDs and OLEDs. This speaks volumes about customer loyalty Vasanth & Co enjoys. When founded by Mr. H. Vasanthakumar in 1978, it was a proprietary concern. After his passing away in 2020, it became a partnership firm jointly managed by Mrs.Tamilselvi Vasanthakumar at the helm and supported by sons and daughters Mr. Vijayakumar, Mr. Vinothkumar and Thangamalar Jaganath. The affairs of Vasanth & Co are managed with utmost professionalism with an automated procurement and accounting system. Vasanth & Co. has recently gone in for automation of its total operations using the hi-tech SAP solutions as the accounting process and the management information system.

A dedicated round the clock help line system manned by experienced staff is in operation as a customer care center'. Vasanth TV promoted by Mr. Vasanthakumar is part of the Vasanth Group of companies. Vasanth & Co and its proprietor H.Vasanthakumar are recipients of many prestigious awards for business excellence and community care.

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