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    Butterfly Induction Cooktops accompany a wide assortment of amazing highlights for quicker and more secure cooking with exquisite completion. Compact, has multiple cooking functions, uses less energy, has six power and temperature settings, a high/low voltage cutoff, the most advanced touch features, and has a surface that is easy to clean. These sleek items are likewise furnished with computerized show and a wide working reach. You can plug this cooktop into a standard 3-round pin and be good to go. It uses 1800 W. 2 Liter aluminum cooker is included the combo box with exquisite model. This is ideal for your kitchen or office.
Butterfly Turbo V3 Power Hob Induction Cooktop | Vasanth & Co

Butterfly Turbo V3 Power Hob Induction Cooktop

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    Butterfly Induction Cooktops accompany a wide assortment of astounding highlights for quicker and more secure cooking with rich completion. Smaller, Numerous cooking capabilities, energy-proficient elements, 6 levels of power and temperature setting, high/low voltage cut off office, most developed touch highlights, simple to-clean surface. These stylish items are likewise outfitted with computerized show and a wide working reach. This Cooktop requires a power consumption of 1800 Watts. This is perfect suited for your kitchen or office.
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    Tasteful and Conservative Design,2000 Watts for quicker cookingAesthetic and Reduced Design,4 Digit Advanced Display,Warming, Soup, Steam, Milk, Congee, Fry,1 Year Guarantee.
Butterfly TURBO TOUCH 1800 W Induction Cooktop | Vasanth & Co

Butterfly TURBO TOUCH 1800 W Induction Cooktop

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    You can make flavorful dishes in the Butterfly Turbo Touch Induction Cooktop. Because of its wide working reach, this induction cooktop permits you to make delightful dinners. It has customized Indian menu choices to assist you with getting the best surface and taste of your favourite Indian dishes. This induction cooktop has a cooling fan that offers high rates of up to 2000 RPM to defend against overheating. Also, with its pan sensor innovation, this induction cooktop can work when the dish is put on top of it.
Butterfly Elite V3 Power Hob 2200 Watt Induction Cooktop Black | Vasanth & Co

Butterfly Elite V3 Power Hob 2200 Watt Induction Cooktop Black

₹ 4,350.00 ₹ 7,044.00
    The Butterfly Induction cook-top offers speedy and reliable warming at high proficiency. Add to this its enemy of attractive wall, delicate touch buttons, solidness, wellbeing and tastefulness make cooking a satisfying and charming experience. The Butterfly induction cook-top accompanies the exceptional power saver innovation wherein the Acceptance cook-top progressively screens the temperature of the vessel. Thus, you can rapidly get ready hot water, espresso, tea and that`s just the beginning, with this cooktop.
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    The HANBAO HB 02 A Pulse Induction (PI) is a metal detector device used for detecting metallic objects buried underground or hidden within various materials. Here are some key features and specifications of this particular model:Pulse Induction Technology: The HANBAO HB 02 A utilizes Pulse Induction technology, which is known for its ability to provide excellent depth and sensitivity in detecting metal objects. PI detectors are particularly effective in handling mineralized soil and challenging ground conditions.Detection Depth: The specific detection depth of the HANBAO HB 02 A PI metal detector may vary based on factors such as the size and type of the target object, soil conditions, and other environmental factors. Generally, PI detectors can detect targets at greater depths compared to other types of metal detectors.Waterproof Design: The HB 02 A is typically designed with waterproof capabilities, allowing it to be used in shallow water, such as beaches, rivers, or lakes. This feature enhances the versatility of the detector and expands the range of search environments.Sensitivity Adjustment: The metal detector often provides sensitivity adjustment options, enabling the user to customize the device`s sensitivity to different target sizes and ground conditions. Adjusting the sensitivity helps in reducing false signals and optimizing detection performance.
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Bajaj splendid 1200 W Induction Cooktop

    Our scope of Cooking Basics are the ideal fit in any advanced kitchen. Intended to serve all your necessities, they remove from issue out of the everyday and tedious positions. From electric cookers to dish and gas stoves to microwaves, our range of items make for more straightforward and bother free cooking. Collaborating you in your everyday cooking to assist you with serving best to your family.
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    Our firm enjoys making, providing, and selling an excellent scope of induction ovens (HB 11A Classic). These are made using excellent, unrefined components and present-day innovation. The scope of the induction oven is profoundly strong and offers longer-lasting execution.
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    The induction cooktop from the Philips Daily line is elegant and reliable for quick and simple cooking. Its electromagnetic induction technique cooks food more quickly than a traditional gas stove and offers outstanding heating efficiency. This Philips induction cooker locks nutrition into the food and helps with healthy cooking, in contrast with cooking on direct flame, when the essential nutrients and vitamins from the food are lost. This induction hob saves you a lot of money and is easy to use and maintain, especially with the rising cost of LPG. In addition, the auto-off feature and cool touch surface ensure safe cooking. 1500W.

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Havells Insta Cook PT 1600 Watt Induction Stove

    The HAVELLS INSTA COOK PT INDUCTION STOVE comes with a timer function and a one-touch operation. It has a variable power control and 6 different modes of cooking functions. It comes with a digital LED display for easy operation, an auto-pan detection and an auto power off.

Bajaj Majesty ICX Pearl 740059 Induction Cooktop | Vasanth & Co

Bajaj Majesty ICX Pearl 740059 Induction Cooktop

    Performance Plus Features like Energy Saving because of Speedy and Proficient Warming. Very much planned internals to stay away from entrance of water and Bugs. Dependable and Long life thoughtfulness switches. Simple to work controls. Power ON/OFF switch. Display Timer. 9 Cooking Capability Selector. Variable Temperature choice, Time Determination and Power Determination. Simple to Clean. Security highlights like without proper cooking dish set up the unit doesn`t turn on.