Butterfly Rhino Wall Mounted Chimney | Vasanth & Co

Butterfly Rhino Wall Mounted Chimney

₹ 7,750.00 ₹ 17,484.00
    With this KENT water purifier at home, you can drink a glass of water that is protected and holds its fundamental minerals. It utilizes the RO+UV+UF+TDS Control purging interaction to give you purified water. It highlights in-tank UV sterilization with the goal that the purged water put away in the tank stays liberated from toxins for quite a while. Along these lines, you can hydrate without stress. its 8 L large storage capacity and you can get your fill of clean drinking water at every times.
Butterfly Rhino Plus EC Wall Mounted Chimney | Vasanth & Co

Butterfly Rhino Plus EC Wall Mounted Chimney

₹ 9,250.00 ₹ 20,835.00
    Introduce the Butterfly Rhino Plus Wall-mounted chimney in your kitchen to forestall smell, smoke, and oily walls. This kitchen appliance accompanies a Confuse Channel, Oil Gatherer, and a Typical Light to make your kitchen look rich, clean, and tasteful.
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₹ 18,350.00 ₹ 37,738.00
    Chicken ghee roast or vegetable pakoras - make all that you crave for without worrying about smoky odours and grimy walls with this Butterfly Matchless Wall-mounted chimney with all key features : Material: Glass,Selection: Touch & Remote,Model: Remote Model with High Suction Power,Suction Power: 1200 m3/h,Filter: One baffle filter,Control: 3 Speed touch control with digital display,LCD Display: 2*1.5W LED Lights,Dimensions: 60 CM.,Motor Warranty: Life time Warranty.