Buy BUTTERFLY KRC 07 1.0 L WHITE ELECTRIC 1 L RICE COOKER kitchen Appliances | Vasanthandco 


₹ 2,090.00 ₹ 3,584.00
    MS external Body Aluminum inner cooking pot Easy to understand Control Panel Auto Changing to warm mode 2 Year Warranty Additional Cooking Bowl, Rice Paddle, Measuring Cup Capacity: 1.0L Power Consumption: 400watts Power input/Frequency: 230v/50hz Power cord length: 1.5m
Premier ERC 18E Electric Rice Cooker | Vasanth & Co

Premier ERC 18E Electric Rice Cooker

₹ 2,190.00 ₹ 2,725.00
    Premier Electric Rice Cooker is an ideal accomplice in your trendy kitchen are planned. This Programmed Electric Rice Cooker moderates indispensable supplements and nutrients, while saving money on energy utilization. It is fit for keeping food warm for as long as 4 hours prior to serving.
Buy BUTTERFLY LLM ELECRICAL  BLOSSOM 1.8 RICE COOKER kitchen Appliances | Vasanthandco 


₹ 2,690.00 ₹ 4,289.00
    BUTTERFLY LLM ELECRICAL BLOSSOM 1.8 RICE COOKER comes with key features : Premium MS Outer Body, Cool Touch Body, Anti Scratch inner Pot, Zero Shock (Shock Protection), 4 Hours Keep Warm Function,Detachable Power Cord,Heat-resistant Handles (Cool Handles),Free additional cooking Bowl,Designed Safety Thermal Fuse, Sturdy Shock-proof Outer body, Warm & Cook light indicator, Auto switching to warm mode, High Quality/ Dome Stainless Steel Lid, Aluminium Inner Cooking Pot, Cooking plate to ensure perfect starch filtration, 5 Year on heating plate & 2 Years on Product
Preethi Rangoli 1.8 Liters Electric Rice Cooker | Vasanth & Co

Preethi Rangoli 1.8 Liters Electric Rice Cooker

₹ 2,875.00 ₹ 3,929.00
    Fast and viable, the Preethi Rangoli 1.8 L Electric Cooker assists you with planning adequate rice for your loved ones. You can utilize it to plan pulao, idli, sambar, soup, curry, halwa, rice, chicken biryani, and much more. With a thick anodised aluminum container, this electric cooker is protected from rusting, and that implies it has a long life expectancy. Additionally, its covered warming loop covers each spot and equitably warms the food. Moreover, wrapped up with a top notch electrostatic splash covering, this machine's body is strong.
Buy PREETHI RC-320 ELECTRIC  DOUBLE PAN  RICE COOKER kitchen Appliances | Vasanthandco 


₹ 2,875.00 ₹ 3,929.00
    Preethi rice Cooker can cook extensive variety of Food varieties beginning from Palav, Biryani, Halwa, and Payasam to Sauces like Sambhar, Rasam and so forth. It Warrantys steady cooking execution prompting superb nature of food saving every one of the fundamental supplements making your food scrumptious and sound. Project Warmer's lead binding focuses are covered with a fired seal and RTV 80 silicon stick Thus there is no liquefying of leads, rusting or dampness development and making more secure for quite a long time of activity.
Buy PREETHI RC-321 ELECTRIC DOUBLE PAN RICE COOKER kitchen Appliances | Vasanthandco 


₹ 3,299.00 ₹ 4,469.00
    Set up a few kinds of meals in a jiffy with the Preethi Rangoli 2.2 L Single Container Electric Cooker. Its quick and proficient exhibition permits you to make dishes, similar to rice, soup, curry, and halwa with comfort. Its anodized aluminum thick container Warrantys protection from rust and durability. Furthermore, its proficient heating components offer consistently prepared food. Besides, furnished with a warm wire and miniature switch, this electric cooker is safeguarded from voltage variances.
Buy Preethi Electric Rangoli 2.2 Rice Cooker - Kitchen Appliances | Vasanthandco

Preethi Electric Rangoli 2.2 Rice Cooker

₹ 3,299.00 ₹ 4,469.00
    Preethi Electric Rangoli 2.2 rice cooker. Rice will be cooked evenly thanks to the overlapping heating coils of the Anodized aluminium pan, additional cooking pan, and electrostatic spray-painted body.This electric stove's thick pan is made of rust-resistant anodized aluminium. Furthermore, it ensures long-term durability.Due to its overlapping heating elements, this electric cooker avoids thermal blindspots in the heater. Food is cooked evenly from all sides in this way.
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Panasonic SR-G18 Electric Rice Cooker

₹ 4,990.00 ₹ 5,495.00
    Panasonic SR-G18 White with a flower pattern automated electric cooker 1.8 liters and 1 kg raw rice capacity. Use a white color with a floral pattern, keep warm for 5 hours, and multicook.