The lg FL F10B8WDL2/FH0B8WDL2 front load washing machine

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Before we proceed with the outstanding features of the LG F10B8WDL2 Washing machine, here is a definitive difference between front load and top load washing machines and why front loads have an edge over top loads.

Through the years, companies have strived to improvise the basic washing machine technology to produce superior and optimal-performing models. Older sale budgets always favoured top load washing machines while front loads were eventually categorised as costly appliances. Today, with prudent revision in technological capabilities, contemporary front load machines cost almost as much as the top load models and even perform better than the top load machines.

Here are some of the reasons why you would choose a front load machine:

Damage to clothes is much lesser: Front load machines provide efficient cleaning and clothes experience less wear and tear. Front load washers do not have central agitators, unlike top load washing machines. Central agitators are known to stray the threads and even rip clothes apart. The front load machine is equipped with a gravity-aided tumble wash that is gentle on the clothes.

Fewer wash cycles: Front load machines come with a tremendous capacity and accommodate more clothing than top load machines. Laundry cycles are automatically reduced when you can run so many clothes in a single wash.

Energy efficient: Most front load washing machines use less detergent, water and energy. Though initially, the investment might seem higher, the machines, in the long run, finally, help you save on water and electricity besides your shopping bills. Energy efficiency is one of the biggest differentiations between top load and front load washing machines.

Reliability: Since front load machines use gravity for tossing, the appliance requires fewer repairs than the central agitator in the top load washers that are prone to breakage.

Noiselessness: Every spin cycle with the front load is less noisy when compared to the top load machine. You can take a nap while washing your clothes.

That being said, the LG F10B8WDL2 fully automatic front load washing machine comes with a drum capacity of 6 kg and an Inverter Drive technology. The biggest advantage of the Inverter Drive technology is the provision of a brushless wash, which means it consumes much less electricity and provides a better performance than other conventional washing machines. The small parts of the brushless motors come with a larger lifespan and increased durability. Since it works without a belt or a pulley, there is absolutely minimal wear and tear and is, therefore, less susceptible to failure. The appliance also comes with a Smart Diagnosis system apart from the Baby Care, tub-clean and pre-wash features, to name a few. With a free-standing installation type, LG’s F10B8WDL2 comes with a maximum rotational speed of 1000 RPM.

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