Pureit MARVELLA – RO water purifier

Most diseases in the developing world are water-borne. Sighting these issues, even WHO has inferred that diarrhoeal diseases can be reduced by up to 50% if the water is good to consume. Water today contains a lot of pollutants that hamper the physical and mental development of children. Harmful contaminants cannot be removed even after boiling it.

The ever-increasing pollution has only enhanced the incidences of lead in the water, which is an extremely dangerous metal. Its consumption has adverse effects on our health. Adequately purified water is the only answer to such a dangerous contaminant.

The Pureit Marvella the RO water purifier is formulated with a mission to empower humanity with not just drinking water but ‘pure’ drinking water.

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Some of the best features of the Pureit Marvella are:

      • The appliance has a compact and sleek design and is also covered. It can fit comfortably into any modern kitchen
      • The Marvella is equipped with a 4 litre storage tank and an advanced 6-stage water purification through RO technology
      • It comes with an Advance Alert System that provides the user with an alert 15 days prior to the renewal of the Germkill Kit
      • The purifier has the ability to remove about 1 crore of virus from about 1 litre of water
      • Safe water is ensured with the help of the RO Purity Lock, which acts as a protection lock
      • It turns up to 1800 ppm hard water into soft, sweet and drinkable water
      • The Auto Start-Stop ensures filling and re-filling of the tank automatically, thus eliminating the tedious task of manual action
      • When the Germkill kit needs a change, the Auto Safety Lock shuts off the water supply
      • The Break Resistance Tap is extremely durable – Apparently this has been tested about 50,000 times to ensure strength
      • Double protection is ensured with the help of the Microcharged Membrane
      • Any voltage fluctuations are monitored and adjusted with the help of the Voltage Spike Guard ensuring protection of the appliance from breakdown
      • Complete peace of mind is ensured with the product’s warranty that lasts for a year. Free servicing is provided in the case of any manufacturing defects

The 6-stage water purifying technology comprises of the PP Melt Blown Pre-Sediment Filter, a Post-RO Carbon Filter and a Pre-RO Carbon Filter, the Reverse Osmosis Membrane and Micro Filtration. The transparent part of the RO is made from engineering grade plastic and is absolutely food-safe and non-toxic. The Germkill performance is based on international criteria and creates microbiologically safe drinking water for all individuals.

The Pureit Marvella RO water purifier comes at extremely economic costs.

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