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Eureka Forbes Super Clean Dry Vacuum Cleaner

₹ 3,090.00 ₹ 3,799.00
    Eureka Forbes presents to you this incredibly compact handheld vacuum more clean. This vacuum cleaner is wonderfully planned and arrives in an energetic Red tone. It accompanies a large number of convenient frill that significantly improve the ease of use of this gadget. The super clean vacuum cleaner is incredibly lightweight at simply 2.2 kg.It includes a long 5m line which permits you to effortlessly move it to even the most impenetrable spots inside your home. It includes a 0.5 L residue cup for simple assortment and removal. You can utilize this vacuum cleaner to clean your vehicle, home floor coverings and other upholstery.Complete Home Cleaning Arrangement - This vacuum cleaner from Eureka Forbes highlights a strong 800 Watt engine. This permits you to accomplish more quicker than expected. The blower as well as pull capabilities permit you to rapidly clean your home. This vacuum cleaner accompanies a 1 year producer Warranty. This Warrantys that it will serve you for quite a while. This vacuum cleaner can be utilized constantly for 10 to15 minutes immediately.The Eureka Forbes Super Clean vacuum cleaner accompanies the accompanying extras. An adaptable hosepipe, expansion tubes, cover/floor brush, fissure spout, upholstery brush, multipurpose brush, blower connector. This provides you with the comfort of a total home cleaning arrangement in a single product.
Eureka Forbes CLEANER VOGUE Vacuum Cleaner | Vasanth & Co

Eureka Forbes CLEANER VOGUE Vacuum Cleaner

₹ 7,790.00 ₹ 9,999.00
    This cleaner has a strong 1400 W motor pull which eliminates soil and residue that is implanted in furnishings and around your home in the blink of an eye. You can set the force of the attractions to high, low, or medium with the variable power control. This cleaner incorporates embellishments like brushes and an upholstery cleaner which assist you with cleaning your home completely.
Eureka Forbes Wet and Dry NXT Vacuum Cleaner | Vasanth & Co

Eureka Forbes Wet and Dry NXT Vacuum Cleaner

₹ 10,690.00 ₹ 14,499.00
    The Forbes Wet and Dry NXT with superior execution with strong pull is for sure a worth bundle for cleaning your home. It displays double functionalities of cleaning both wet and dry surfaces to make a flawless encompassing. Wet & Dry NXT accompanies a superior completion of the hardened steel tank.
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Eureka Forbes WET & DRY 700 Watt Vacuum Cleaner

    This vacuum cleaner accompanies an auto shut off innovation that naturally stop the vacuum cleaner to safeguard from overheating.Powered with 1400 Watts that takes care of both Wet and cleaning profound cleaning.Tank limit: 9-Liters tank limit with respect to u.Best in class 700 Watts engine conveying strong pull of 15.5 KPA and blower capability that assists with handling soil, endlessly dust mites.Compact accompanies Launderable HEPA Channel which traps in minute residue particles up to 0.3 microns and warranty that the removed air is ultra Clean. If it`s not too much trouble, wash and dry the channel before use. Compassionately use. there are no hints of dampness or water before use.The bagless plan includes a residue cup that gathers all the residue, making it simple for you to just spill it and arrange the contents.4 meter long string to Warranty simple development around the home to clean in one go, without stressing over exchanging sockets.This vacuum cleaner accompanies a large number of extras for various cleaning needs. It gives answer for effective and bother free cleaning. The adornments gave are not difficult to utilize and advantageous to store.